The History

At the gateway to the city of Nantes and the Atlantic ocean, Goulaine is a Renaissance Château in the Loire valley. Protected by the marshes of Goulaine and classified by ‘Natura 2000’, this peaceful castle, rises out of the mists, revealing its treasures.

A singular History

We can’t tell the history of the Château without talking about the family de Goulaine, owner of the Château since the Middle Age. The first Château was part of the ‘Marche de Bretagne’, the frontier between the Dutchy of Brittany and the Kingdom of France. Jean de Goulaine, the first of the genealogy, was Captain of the city of Nantes for the Duke of Brittany.

At the end of the 12th century, Louis VII The Younger and Henry II Plantagenet granted their respective arms to Mathieu de Goulaine. It was his reward for several negotiations he made for the two kings in 1160.

At the end of the 15th century, Christophe 2 de Goulaine travelled to Italy where he discovered a new architecture. At his comeback, he decided to replace his medieval castle by a beautiful Renaissance Château.

The title of nobility appears at the 17th century. Claude de Cornulier and Gabriel de Goulaine became Marquis in 1610 by the king of France Henry the 4th. Several rooms of the Château were decorated with the Italian style.

The Château was sold in 1788, it will be out of the family de Goulaine during 69 years. In 1857, Patrice de Goulaine rebuy the Château.

Robert de Goulaine started a huge restauration since the 60’s. With his wife, they decided to live in the Château since the 80’s. Today, Madame de Goulaine still live in the Château. The Goulaine family is still the owner of this beautiful castle.

Cour d’honneur du château de Goulaine